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At Lion Garage Services Ltd, we provide specialist air conditioning servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. Most modern cars are built with an air conditioning system, which needs to be regularly maintained in order to work properly. Our team of mechanics and technicians can repair and recharge air conditioning systems easy and efficiently for our customers in Bedlington and surrounding areas.

Air conditioning service

During your air conditioning service, we’ll check each component including the compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant to check that each part is working properly. We’ll take the current gas out of the system and then replace it with new gas, testing the system first to see if there are any leaks or blockages within the system. Once we’ve tested it, we can replace the gas in the air conditioning system, which allows it to run more efficiently, keeping you cool in the summer.


Why do I need my air conditioning serviced?

On average, your air conditioning system will leak about 10% of its gas every year. This means that after a couple of years it won’t be working as efficiently as it could. This can sometimes affect your fuel consumption and battery life as time goes on. It also means that when the summer months hit, or during the winter when ice and mist affect your windscreen visibility, your air conditioning system will be working properly.

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How often do I need my air con serviced?

At Lion Garage Services Ltd, we recommend that you get your air conditioning system serviced every 2 years. This ensures that it works efficiently and runs smoothly, maintaining value on your vehicle, and maximising your fuel efficiency.


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