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Lion Garage Services Ltd has built up a reputation as being one of the leading garages in the Bedlington area for vehicle repairs. We’re specialists in brake repairs including brake pads, brake fluid top up and flush, brake discs, callipers and shoes. We’re a member of the Good Garage Scheme, RMI and The Motor Industry Code of Practice, adding extra value and confidence for our customers in our brake repairs.

Same day services

Our team at Lion Garage Services Ltd, work effectively and efficiently on your brake repairs, ensuring that you can get your car back to as soon as we can. We stock a large range of parts in our garage, as well as being able to supply specific parts within a quick timeframe. This means we can aim to get your car back to you the same day it comes into our garage.

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Original equipment parts

For any repairs including brake pad repairs, brake discs, callipers and brake fluid, we use original equipment parts and lubricants or an equivalent quality so that your car gets what it needs to work as efficiently as possible. We always work to meet manufacturer specifications and tailor our approach to every individual vehicle that comes through our garage.

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Signs that you need new brakes

Strange noises – If your brakes are making grinding noises or squealing, then this can indicate that your brake pads need replacing as they could be worn. Squealing normally means there is something wrong with the system and there might be adjustments that need to be made.

The vehicle pulling to one side – If your car is veering to the right or left when you apply the brakes, it can be one of three things. That your brake fluid is leaking, that brakes are worn out and need replacing or that they are maladjusted.

Warning lights – if your brake light has come up on your dashboard, it can mean that you’re running low on brake fluid and can indicate a leak. Although topping up can get rid of the warning light, if there is a leak in the system it can be only a temporary fix.


Vibrating – when you’re applying the brakes, if there is a vibration in your steering wheel, it can mean the brake rotors need taking a look at.

Brake pedal issues – if when your brake pedal is feeling too hard to press down, or spongy then it can indicate a series issue in the brake lines, either air has gotten into the system or there is a leak somewhere.

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